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Publication by Editions Underwolf/Princeton/USA of the Manuel d’Harmonie en 1/4 de ton translated in english and released by Noah et Rosalie Kaplan (click here – https://underwolf.com/wyschnegradsky to order).

Soon : Publication by label Shiiin of a CD Ivan Wyschnegradsky, Alain Bancquart, Alain Moëne – Works for 2 and 4 pianos tuned a 1/4 tone apart.
Ivan Wyschnegradsky :
4e Fragment symphonique op.38c for ondes Martenot and 4 pianos (1956)
Ainsi parlait Zarathoustra op.17 for 4 pianos (1930/1936)
Méditation sur deux thèmes de la Journée de l’Existence op.7 for cello and piano 1/2 ton (1918/1976)
Alain Moëne :
De l’ange for 2 pianos (2015)
Alain Bancquart :
Racines for 4 pianos (2014)

September 2013: Publication of the score of Méditation sur deux thèmes de La Journée de l’Existence, Op. 7 for cello and piano by Editions Jobert. Revision by Association Ivan Wyschnegradsky. See www.henry-lemoine.com or contact us.


December 2013: Publication by Editions SYMETRIE of the book Ivan Wyschnegradsky – Libération du son – Ecrits 1916-1979, texts gathered, presented and annotated by Pascale Criton.
The book has received in april 2014 the Prix des Muses, in category Prix du Document.


This 528 page book, released by Editions SYMETRIE in its Symétrie Recherche collection, series 20-21, was published with the assistance of Centre national du livre, of Fondation Francis et Mica Salabert, of Sacem and of the Ivan Wyschnegradsky Association. It offers a collection of unpublished texts and of reissued articles by Ivan Wyschnegradsky, brought together, presented and annotated by Pascale Criton: unpublished writings from the composer’s youth (1916-1920); articles unpublished in French (1922-1926) the text of which was reconstituted in Russian by Elena Poldiaeva from the originals at Sacher Foundation; Michèle Kahn ensured the translation into French. It also includes articles that appeared in various French magazines (1924-1971) such as La Revue Musicale, Polyphonie, Le Ménestrel, La Revue d’Esthétique, essentially accessible in libraries.
The book includes many illustrations, diagrams, musical examples, drawings and photographs of Ivan Wyschnegradsky, a 14 page notebook of colour illustrations and, as annexes, a catalogue of works, a bibliography, a discography, and an index of works and persons. See www.symetrie.com or contact us.


From 29 april to 17 september 2017 : in LAAC (Lieu d’Art et Action contemporaine) at Dunkerque, during the exhibition Musiques à voir (musique/arts plastiques : interactions), exhibition of 4 chromatic drawings by Wyschnegradsky. Art curator: Jean-Yves Bosseur.
From 10 june to 17 september 2017 : in the context of Documentra in Kassel (Germany), exhibition of 6 chromatic drawings by Wyschnegradsky from Fondation Paul-Sacher (Bâle).



08/11/2017 - Karlsruhe (Germany): Chant douloureux op. 6 for violin and piano - Read

01/02/2019 - Basle (Switzerland) : celebration of the 40th anniversary of Ivan Wyschnegradsky’s death - Read


17/09/2017 - Dunkerque, LAAC (Lieu d’Art et Action contemporaine), France : Etude sur le Carré magique sonore - Read

19/07/2017 - Voutezac (Corrèze), France : 5 Préludes pour 2 pianos op. 22 - Read

04/06/2017 - Kunnersdorf, near Görlitz (Germany) : Le Scintillement des Etoiles op. 4 for voice and piano - Read

10/02/2017 - Urbana (USA) : Dialogue à deux op. 41 for two pianos - Read

25/01/2017 - Montreal (Canada) : Deux Chants sur Nietzche op. 9 - Read

11/01/2017 - Paris, Auditorium Bernanos: Chant douloureux and Etude op. 6 for violin and piano - Read

27/11/2016 - Kunnersdorf, near Görlitz (Germany) : Méditation sur 2 thèmes de la Journée de l’Existence - Read

11/08/2016 - Aichi (Japan): works by Ivan Wyschnegradsky - Read

10/08/2016 - Aichi (Japan): works by Ivan Wyschnegradsky and Julian Carrillo - Read

31/05/2016 - Les Lilas (France – 93), Théâtre du Garde-Chasse: Préludes - Read

19/05/2016 - Quimper (France), Théâtre de Cornouaille: Méditation sur deux thèmes de la Journée de l’Existence pour violoncelle et piano - Read

20/02/2016 - Aichi (Japan): work by Ivan Wyschnegradsky - Read

19/02/2016 - Paris: concert performance and CD recording - Read

27/01/2016 - Montreal (Canada): Dialogue à deux - Read

12/12/2015 - Châtenay-Malabry (France – 92), Conservatoire: Préludes - Read

18/11/2015 - Jaffa (Israël) : Méditation sur deux thèmes de La journée de l’Existence - Read

17/11/2015 - Rouen, Théâtre des Arts : Méditation sur deux thèmes de La journée de l’Existence - Read

12/11/2015 - Montreal (Canada) : two Mélodies op. 3 Le soleil décline - Read

29/10/2015 - Montreal (Canada) : Méditation sur deux thèmes de La journée de l’Existence - Read

25/09/2015 - Aichi (Japan): works by Ivan Wyschnegradsky and Alois Hába - Read

07/09/2015 - Berlin, Musik Festspiele – Philharmonie : Arc-en-ciel op. 37 and op. 52a for 6 pianos tuned a twelfth of a tone apart - Read

07/09/2014 - Festival BIFEM (Bendigo, Australia): Golden Fur ensemble - Read

28/03/2014 - CNSM Paris: Study day coordinated by Pascale Criton and Pierre-Albert Castanet - Read

28/03/2014 - Helsinki (Finland): Sibelius Academy’s concert - Read

27/03/2014 - CDMC Paris: International study day – Ivan Wyschnegradsky, l’ultrachromatisme, entre futurisme et constructivisme - Read

10/09/2013 - Festival de Lucerne (Switzerland): Arc-en-ciel op. 37, for 6 pianos tuned a twelfth of a tone apart, conducted by François-Xavier Roth - Read

22/06/2013 - Essen (Germany): Polyphonies spatiales, Op.39 by the Essen Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Eberhard Kloke - Read

06/10/2012 - Saint Petersburg: Lecture by Pascale Criton - Read

06/10/2012 - Saint Petersburg: Concert for 2 pianos, Martine Joste / Miroslav Drobot - Read

05/10/2012 - Saint Petersburg: La Scala Ensemble of Amsterdam - Read

02/10/2012 - Moscow: Martine Joste recital - Read

03/05/2012 - Tokyo: La folle journée - Read