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Musical excerpts are presented below with the kind permission of the publishers.

•  Schwarze Messe •

Ivan Wyschnegradsky:
Quatuor à cordes n° 2 op.18
Quatuor Asasello.
+ Quatuors by Lourié, Staude and Scriabine
Publication date: december 2022


•  Le matin des ombres •

Simon Goubert jazz drummer’s improvisations on Ivan Wyschnegradsky’s works in putting them in a loop
Publication date: october 2022


•  Méditation •

Ivan Wyschnegradsky:
Méditation sur 2 thèmes de La Journée de l’Existence op.7
David Louwerse, cello, François Daudet, piano.
+ Works by Alexandre Scriabine / Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky / Sergueï Rachmaninov
Recording date: september 2019
Publication date: february 2021


•  Ivan Wyschnegradsky, l’Esprit de l’Utopie •

Ivan Wyschnegradsky:
Préludes op.22 (1934)
Nos. 1, 3, 5 et 24 in ¼ tone, Martine Joste.
Nos. 13, 14, 11, 17 et 6 in ¼ tone, Marija Skender.
Chant nocturne op.11 (1927) for piano in ¼ tonz and violin (playing in ¼, ¹⁄6, ⅛ tone)
Transcription for piano in ¼ tone by Marija Skender.
Marija Skender, piano, Ulrike Stortz, violin.
Trauergesang (1922) for piano in ¼ tone
Marija Skender.
Affirmation du paradoxe éthique (1940-50) for ondes Martenot, 2 man voices, and 6 pianos tuned differently (1° standard – 2° 1/12 higher – 3° 1/6 higher – 4° 1/4 lower – 5° 1/6 lower – 6° 1/12 lower). First performance.
Recording date: september 2019
Publication date: november 2020


•  Ivan WYSCHNEGRADSKY, Alain BANCQUART, Alain MOËNE Pianos quart de ton •

Works for 2 and 4 pianos tuned a 1/4 tone apart, ondes Martenot and cello.
Ivan Wyschnegradsky:
4e Fragment symphonique op.38c for ondes Martenot and 4 pianos (1956).
Cécile Lartigau, Ondes Martenot, Hiroko Arimoto, Manon Lonchamp, Emiri Wada, Yoko Yamada, pianos, Léo Margue, conducting.
Ainsi parlait Zarathoustra op.17 for 4 pianos (1930/1936). World premiere recording.
Cyrille Guion, Martine Joste, Li Xie, Guanlan Xu, pianos, Léo Margue, conducting.
Méditation sur deux thèmes de la Journée de l’Existence op.7 for cello and piano 1/2 ton (1918/1976).
Noé Natorp, cello, Martine Joste, piano.
Alain Moëne:
De l’Ange for 2 pianos (2015). First performance.
Dominique Ciot and Martine Joste, pianos.
Alain Bancquart:
Racines for 4 pianos (2014). First performance.
Matthieu Acar, Jean-François Ballèvre, Dominique Ciot, Martine Joste, pianos, Léo Margue, conducting.
Recording date: february 2016
Publication date: december 2017

De l’Ange (A. Moëne) - [WAV]
Racines (A. Bancquart) - [WAV]
4e fragment symphonique op.38c (I. Wyschnegradsky) - [WAV]
Ainsi parlait Zarathoustra op.17 (I. Wyschnegradsky) - [WAV]
Méditation op.7 (I. Wyschnegradsky) - [WAV]

Ed. Shiiin, France

•  La Journée de l’Existence •

La Journée de l’Existence, for large orchestra and narrator


Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio-France, Mario Haniotis, narrator, Alexandre Myrat conducting.

Historic recording of the first performance in 1978, published in 2009.

Diapason d’Or, 4 stars – Le Monde de la Musique.



Part I - [WAV]
Part II - [WAV]

Ed. Shiiin, France

•  24 Préludes, Etude sur les mouvements rotatoires •

24 Préludes Op.22b, for two pianos in quarter-tones
Sylvaine Billier and Martine Joste
Étude sur les mouvements rotatoires Op.45a, for two pianos in quarter-tones – 8 hands
Sylvaine Billier, Martine Joste, Gérard Frémy, Fuminori Tanada, pianos, Fernand Vandenbogaerde, conducting

Recording date: 2000
Publication date: 2002



Etude sur les mouvements rotatoires Op.45a - [WAV]
Prélude III Op.22b - [WAV]
Prélude XIX Op.22b - [WAV]

Ed. Col Legno, Germany

•  Hommage à Ivan Wyschnegradsky •

Transparences I Op.35 for ondes Martenot and 2 pianos

Transparences II Op.47 for ondes Martenot and 2 pianos

Composition in quarter-tones for 4 ondes Martenot

Cosmos Op.28 for 4 pianos

+ Works by Serge Provost and Bruce Mather


Recording date: 1994


Jean Laurendeau, ondes Martenot, l’Ensemble d’ondes de Montreal, Pierrette Le Page, Marc Couroux, François Couture, Paul Helmer, Bruce Mather, pianos, Bruce Mather conducting.



Transparences I Op.35 - [WAV]
Composition pour quatuor d'ondes Martenot Op.52 - [WAV]
Cosmos Op.28 - [WAV]

Ed. SNE, Canada

•  24 Préludes Op.22b et Intégrations Op.49 •

24 Préludes Op.22b and Intégrations Op.49 for two pianos tuned in quarter-tones


Recording date: December 1987


Henriette Puig-Roget and Kazuoki Fujii.



Prélude I Op.22b - [WAV]
Prélude II Op.22b - [WAV]
Intégrations Op.49 - [WAV]

Ed. Fontec, Japan

•  Miscellaneous works •

Étude sur les mouvements rotatoires Op.45c version for chamber orchestra

Sonata for viola and piano Op.34

Dialogue op. posth. for 2 pianos in quarter-tones, 8 hands

Deux études sur les densités et les volumes Op.39 bis

Dithyrambe Op.12 for 2 pianos in quarter-tones

Deux chants sur Nietzsche Op.9 for voice and piano


Recording date: February 1991 (live) and March 1994 (studio)


S. Billier, G. Frémy, M. Joste, Y. Rault, pianos, J. Bona, bass-baritone, T. Coman, viola, Ensemble 2e2m, Paul Méfano conducting.


4 stars from Diapason and from Le Monde de la Musique.



Etude n°2 sur les densités et volumes Op.39bis - [WAV]
Dithyrambe Op.12 - [WAV]

Ed. 2e2m, France

•  L’Évangile rouge •

L’Évangile rouge Op.8

Deux chants sur Nietzsche Op.9

Deux chants russes Op.29

À Richard Wagner Op.26 for voice and 2 pianos in quarter-tones

+ Works by Bruce Mather


Recording date: 1999


Michel Decharme, bass-baritone, Bruce Mather and Pierrette Lepage, pianos.



L’Évangile rouge Op.8 - [WAV]
Deux chants russes Op.29 : Russie - [WAV]
Deux chants russes Op.29 : Notre marche - [WAV]
À Richard Wagner Op.26 - [WAV]

Ed. SNE, Canada

•  Prélude et Etude Op.48 •

Prélude et Etude Op.48 for Carrillo piano in thirds of tone

+ Works by Bruce Mather, Jean-Étienne Marie, Marc Patch, Gilles Tremblay, Jacques Desjardins, Michel Gonneville, Olivier Gagnon and John Winiarz, for piano in thirds and sixteenths of tone


Recording date: 2008/2009


S. Billier, M. Joste, B. Mather, pianos.



Etude Op.48 - [WAV]

Double CD
Ed. SNE, Canada

•  Klaviermusik der Russischen Avantgarde •

Two Preludes Op.2
Three Pieces Op.38
Etude sur le Carré magique sonore Op.40

+ Works by Ciurlionis, Obukhov, Roslavetz, Protopopov, Scriabin
Publication date: 2005


Christoph Staude, piano.


Prélude pour piano Op.38 - [WAV]

Ed. Roy Berlin

•  Le scintillement des étoiles lointaines •

Le scintillement des étoiles lointaines op.4
+ Works by Brahms, Wagner et Pfitzner
Nicole Piccolomini, mezzosopran, Christoph Staude, piano.

Ed. Roy, Berlin

•  Chant douloureux Op.6, Chant nocturne Op.11 •

Chant douloureux Op.6 for violin and piano

Chant nocturne Op.11 for violin and 2 pianos in quarter-tones

+ Works by Othmar Schoeck, Allen Sapp, Willy Burkhard, Richard Strauss, Hanns Jelinek, Dieter Acker


Recording date: 1995


Martin Gelland, violin, Lennart Wallin, piano.

Ed. Vienna Modern Masters

•  Complete String Quartets •

String Quartets Op.13, 18, 38 bis
Composition pour quatuor à cordes Op.43
String Trio Op.53


Recording date: 1988


Arditti Quartet.




Composition pour quatuor à cordes Op.43 - [WAV]

Ed. Block, Germany

•  L’Acte chorégraphique •

L’Acte chorégraphique Op.27


Recording date: 1999


Students of the Musikhochschule Winterthur/Zurich, Dominik Blum conducting.

Ed. HMT Zurich, Switzerland

•  Quarter-Tone Pieces •

24 Preludes in Quarter-Tone System Op.22b (1934/70)

Etude sur le « Carré Magique Sonore » Op.40 (1957)

+ Works by Ives


Recording date: 2001
Publication date: 2006


Josef Christof, Steffen Schleiermacher, pianos.

Ed. Hat Hut Records, Switzerland

•  Vierteltonduo Bächli/Schneider •

Intégrations Op.49 (1962)
+ Works by Ives, Streiff, Jordi, Moser, Mariétan, Wehrli


Recording date: 2001


Gertrud Schneider, Thomas Bächli, pianos.

Ed. MGB Zurich, Switzerland

•  Ainsi parlait Zarathoustra •

Symphony in quarter-tone system for orchestra of four pianos, Op.17 (part I) (1936)

+ Works by Breuker, Francesconi, Galas, Gould, Cuypers, Xenakis, van Manen, Scelsi, Feldman


Recording date: 1981


Geoffrey Douglas Madge, Klara Körmendi, Susan Bradshaw, John Tilbury, pianos.


•  Etude ultrachromatique •

Etude ultrachromatique Op.42 for Prof. Adriaan Fokker’s tricesimoprimal organ

+ Works by Schat, Badings, Zwaanenburg, Reina


Recording date: 1999


Joop Van Goozen, organ in 1/31st of an octave.

Ed. Stichting Huygens-Fokker

•  Donaueschinger Musiktage 2010 •

Arc-en-Ciel op.37

Arc-en ciel II op.52a for 6 pianos

+ Works by J. Dillon, Ph. Manoury, B. Ferneyhough, O. Adamek, A. Posadas, A. Cassidy, M. Stroppa, V. Globokar, S. Steen-Andersen et G.F. Haas


Publication date: 2011


4 CDs box.
Pianos Pi-Hsien Chen, Ch. Grund, F. Hoelscher, A. Okabe, S.T. Kuebler, J. Vogelsänger, pianos, Sylvain Cambreling, conducting.



Arc-en-Ciel op.37 - [WAV]
Arc-en ciel II op.52a - [WAV]


•  Live recording of the concert of 7 January 1977, Studio 106, Radio-France •

5 Preludes Op.22b and Prelude and Fugue Op.21 for 2 pianos in quarter-tones

Étude sur le Carré magique sonore Op.40 for piano

Prelude and Etude Op.48 for Carrillo piano in 1/3 of tones

Étude sur les Mouvements rotatoires Op.45a for 2 pianos in quarter-tones, 8 hands

Méditation sur 2 thèmes de la Journée de l’Existence Op.7 for cello and piano

Third Symphonic Fragment Op.31 for 4 pianos in quarter-tones

+ Excerpts of Robert Pfeiffer’s Interviews with the composer


Publication date: 1983


Sylvaine Billier, Martine Joste, Jean-François Heisser, Jean Koerner, pianos, Jacques Wiederker, cello, Michel Decoust conducting.



Prelude and Fugue Op.21 - [WAV]
Méditation sur la Journée de l’Existence Op.7 - [WAV]
Symphonic Fragment Op.31 - [WAV]

Double LP
Ed. Block, Germany

•  Music For three pianos in 1/6th of a tone •

Dialogue à Trois Op.51

Composition Op.46

Prelude and Fugue Op.30

+ Works by Bruce Mather et Jack Behrens


Recording date: 1985


L.-P. Pelletier, P. Helmer, F. Couture, pianos, Bruce Mather conducting.



Dialogue à Trois Op.51 - [WAV]
Composition Op.46 - [WAV]
Prelude and Fugue Op.30 - [WAV]

Ed. McGill Record, Canada

•  Live recording of excerpts from the Steirischer Herbst Festival, Graz 1988 •

Arc-en-ciel Op.37 for 6 pianos tuned in 1/12th of tones

+ Works by Béla Bartók, Alois Hába, Arthur Lourié, Julian Carrillo, Bernhard Lang


Recording date: 1988


C. Aigner, J. Polyzoïdes, I. Poncet, E. Schadler, K-H. Schuh, R. Solymar, pianos, Georg-Friedrich Haas conducting.

Ed. ORF, Austria

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