I could have been a poet, a philosopher or a musician. I chose music: I am therefore a composer.’


Ivan Wyschnegradsky, 1979 - Photo René BlockPhoto René Block (1979)


Ivan Wyschnegradsky, born in Saint Petersburg in 1893, lived in Paris from 1920 until his death in 1979.


Admired by numerous composers, amongst whom we can mention Olivier Messiaen, Henri Dutilleux, Bruce Mather, Alain Bancquart and Claude Ballif, Ivan Wyschnegradsky is recognized by the musical world as one of the pioneers in 20th century music.


Ivan Wyschnegradsky’s 1/4 tone piano, which in 1927 he had ordered from the August Förster manufacture, first was in the home of Claude Ballif, to whom he had bequeathed it. Since 2009 it belongs to the Paul-Sacher Foundation in Basel. The piano has just been restored and is located from now until the end of 2019 at Dagobert Koitka – Haus zur ZwischenZeit, Basel. If you wish to see it, would you please send an email to skoitka@bluewin.ch or info@zwischenzeit.ch.

[excerpt CD Shiiin - 5'00]