31/05/2016 - Les Lilas (France – 93), Théâtre du Garde-Chasse: Préludes

Concert with 2 pianos tuned a 1/4 tone apart.
Works by Ivan Wyschnegradsky (extracts of Préludes), Bruce Mather, Roland Moser, Alain Moëne, Antoine Villedieu and Dominique Deyris.
With the pianists Dominique Ciot, Martine Joste, Yoko Yamada, Manon Lonchamp, Nozomi Misawa, Florence Spire, Marina Maluli, Serge Korolitski and students from piano classes of Eric Wallon (Conservatoire of Les Lilas) and Dominique Ciot (Conservatoire of Châtenay-Malabry).